What is Uggly?


An adjective used to describe UGGS, a very ugly style of boots that became popular for inexplicable reasons.

I can't believe Sheila bought UGGS. They're so UGGly!

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Combining the words 'Ugg' (as in boots, typical attire of preppy types) and 'ugly', this word denotes a Rah/Sloane who, despite their expensive garb, remains ugly.

Damn, that girl Pippa is such an Uggly...

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1. Someone so ugly it has to be pronounced with another g.

Often used after a drunken escapade and a one night stand. Most often used by people with the name of Jay aka. Terrance.

1. You're not just ugly you are uggly.

2. Dude, that girl you went home with smelt like rotten cheese and was damn uggly.

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