Xl/ Extra Large

What is Xl/ Extra Large?


The term "XL"/"Extra Large" is used to make jokes upon a person who creates/makes fake stories about their "XL(extra large) penis".(1)

The "XL"/"Extra Large" is used at any time a descriptive word in a converstaion is needed(2).

XL originated from a person who believes themself to be a higher/better human being than the rest of civilisation.

(1) "Then she went through my drawers and found an empty box of XL/Xtra Large CONDOMS, can u belive it? An EMPTY box of XL/ Extra Large CONDOMS!!!"


Person 1- These very big crisps!!

person 2- You mean, very XL/extra large crisps!!!

Person 1- Seen this poster, its XL/Extra Large!!!

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