What is Xombie?


An online flash animation by James farr containing the characters Zoe a young girl with amnesia that comes across a zombie thats mentally aware.This zombie being different than other zombies created by scientists trying to stave the person becoming living dead therefore the word xombie is born as the x implies the difference between mindless zombies and xombies.

meh what the fusk am i talkin about its a great animation just watch it and you'll see what im talking about in the presently 3 part series with the fourth to be finished in july 2004.

zombie=living dead brain eatin thingy

xombie=deadish mentally aware zombie

example:''oh know that <ZOMBIE> is gonna eat me

''yo <XOMBIE> dude help me kill these evil brain eatin dudes''


an on-line flash series created, animated and written by James Farr.

plot centers around a post-apocalyptic wasteland where a hybrid vigilante zombie named dirge battles the undead, while trying to protect an amnesiac human girl named zoe. utter coolness ensues.

check it out. really. if only for the zombie sharks and cool background music.

See dagger_grrl


Ass kicking Flash cartoon by James Farr. xombified

Have you seen the latest episode of Xombie? It kicks untold amounts of ass.


Any one of the sapposed to be zombies on James Farrs ass kicking show. (yes there's sapposed to be 4 (read the reserch))

Dirge, he's the lead too.


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