What is Xpert?


An 'Xpert' is someone who can over come nearly every obstacle.

Mainly associated as somebody who has exceptional computer knowledge and a person who will always aspire to be better.

This type of person is often fond of a quote like

"This war we fight is not against powers and principalities, it is against chaos and despair... greater than the death of flesh is the death of hope... against this peril we must never surrender. No one knows the shape of the future, or where it will take us -- we know only that the future is always born in pain."

If you played an 'Xpert' on Halo, be prepared to lose.


May be good at pistol, but he should use it more.

He is a rocket whore and only plays danger canyon using rockets and fuel rod only.

Mofo was killed by TaC°Xpert (aka rocket whore)

Mofo: Omg, ns wid ur rocket !1!!!11!


Someone addicted to video games and uses it as an escape from reality. They belive their prowess on the game makes htem great in real life.

The 'xpert' was addicted to halo and thought he was great in real life


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