What is Xtrm?


The most fucking gangster shit ever.

Yo that song was Xtrm!

See xtrm, extreme, gangsta, shit, ever, Xtrm


Came out of the west regionals in PBN. Created by Automag Joe

So you wanna be a XTRM speedballer do ya? Here's how.

Criteria for XTRM Speedballers:

- sock hat, pj rag, or irregularily tall beanie

- stock proteus mask w/ visor

- neck protector

- chest armor (although you should be fat enough so as you wouldn't need one, but if you're a skinny kid who says "nubs and noobs" then suit up and roll out)

- WGP jersey, extra small

- brass eagle gloves with hard plastic armor

- raven elbow pads for XTRM jumping and falling

- dickies or dye pants with knee/shin pads over the outside of them

- white tennis shoes or tactical boots

- ankle supporters

- DZ 5 drop

- black magic autococker with all the ups

- blue revvy

Should be able to:

- sholder your gun with tank at ear level

- always avoid sliding except when falling forward on face

- din't have clear hoppers because your enemy will see how much paint you will have left then they will rush you when you run out

- always remember to communicate with your team and tell them how many tangos are down and try to come up with the most complicated system of telling us how much time is left and echo it every .5 seconds on the dot

- always shoot over the top of your bunker

- always use military jargon

- always give your enemy the chance to surrender

- always buy the most expensive paint for rec ball and the worst paint for tournaments

- always have an extra barrel plug for the "nubs"

- never stop fighting the good fight

Feel free to ask questions about becoming an XTRM Speedballer. I'll be glad to help out. I'll also try and get some pics up for example.

That guy is XTRM


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