What is Xute?


n. : A typo made while texting the word "Cute" and actually typing "Xute" which actually means: Excessively Cute.

Jen (texting): "Tom is so xute!"

Mary (texting): "wth is xute?"

Jen (texting): "Sry meant 2 say cute but typed xute..Excessively cute!"

Mary (texting): "O ur right! he is so xute!"

See cute, xute, attractive, sweet, nice, easy on the eyes, handsome, gorgeous, beautiful


xute (pronounced zh-oot) is x-factor cute. uber cute. used to describe something or someone particularly delightfulor charismatic.

that black knit cap makes B look totally xute!!

See delicious, delightful, charming, fetching, adorable


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