S Club 7

What is S Club 7?


Quite possibly the gayest band ever. The UK's attempt at an O-Town, styled after making the band.

S Club 7 sucks shit, there music is so bad

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S Club 7 is a British teen-pop group that could have been grown in a laboratory: Brought together by a lengthy audition process led by Spice Girls Svengali Simon Fuller, the seven good-looking, fresh-scrubbed actors and models are already huge in Britain, where their TV show S Club 7 In Miami propelled them to stardom last year. Now on the Fox Family Channel here, S Club 7 is looking to break big in America, catering to the same mixture of pubescents and pervs who've latched onto Spears. If it succeeds, God help us all: S Club 7 makes Spears and The Backstreet Boys sound like Coal Chamber. Every word of S Club is a horrific cliché: "Bring It All Back" recalls the false uplift of Up With People ("Don't stop / Never give up / Hold your head high and reach the top"), "Viva La Fiesta" is a stunningly inept stab at Latin flavor, "S Club Party" unironically includes repetition of the words, "Ain't no party like an S Club party," and so on. If you think teenybopper pop has reached its nadir with Spears, 'N Sync, and the others, you have no idea how much worse it can get. —Stephen Thompson

S club 7 sound like death.


the kind of band that everyone liked at the tym, everyone new the words to their most popular songs, everyone talked about them, but then wen they hit rock bottom and were never herd of again, everyone denyed lyking them because it turned out that, mebey they wernt that good after all, if u cant admit that u USED to lyk them then you are in denial ;)

s club 7

OMG s club 7! not herd them in ages!

they suck

screw you


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A teen pop band which protagonizes awesome tv series!

I've seen the S club 7 guys on tv. Their series are excelent!

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quite possibly the greatest"band" of the 90's. one of the many UK groups that attempted to take over the world with their smoooooth moves and catchy tooooons.. and failed.

s club 7. "sssssss club. there aint no party like an s club party" repeated several times. key change every now and then for variation..

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a british group from the 90's who had a TV show on ABC family that was way too dramatic and not retorically correct, 7 of them in the group

backstreet boys like a group


The greatest singing group of the 1990's. I don't remember exactly where they were from, but they had their own TV show and British accents. I watched them in Hong Kong sometimes. Anyway, they were cool. You're a total loser if you don't know who S Club 7 are.

"I heard S Club 7's plane crashed in the Andes and the survivors will have to survive off the dead bodies of those who didn't make it."

"Who's S Club 7?"

"Man, you are such a loser that I don't even know why I started talking to you."


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