What is Sapper?


Sapper is a light Army combat engineer, who has mastered the art of patrolling, demolition, and other light fighting commando style tactics. Sappers are bad ass and are equal to, if not better then Rangers. Sappers are often attached to infantry groups or Ranger operations to provide engineer expertise in demolition, booby traps and reconnaissance.

sappers in the breach

"We need that bridge blown."

"Send in the sappers."

"That house is full of booby traps."

"We need a sapper to clear it."

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Female who drains male of all resources, money, sanity and self-respect before moving on, "Independence Day" style to the next victim.

Its a Saturday, the sappers are out in town with their boyfriend's credit card to buy stupid clothes to wear that evening when said boyfriend is obligated to buy the sapper champagne, keeping with the whole "Footballers' Wives" fantasy.

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The lowest rank in the Royal Engineers. Also used to describe any member of the Royal Engineers regardless of rank.

He is a sapper and as such is a God among men.

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A drunk. One who drinks a lot.

Jim is a sapper, he drinks all day.

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