What is Scrumpdillyumptious?


When a food is so incredibly good you can do little to resisit it. If you get a craving for a scrumpdillyumptious food you tend to salivate at the mouth ferociously and uncontrollably, your want for this food will stop you at nothing to get it. Once you are digesting this food, your taste buds turn into orgasmic nevres and the experience turns into an almost life changing ordeal. Dopamine may actually be released (depending on experience or level of srumpdillyumptious-ness) in the brain. Scrumpdillyumptious-ness is individual, what may be so good to you, might not be the same for every one else. You cannot force scrumpdillyumptious-ness on other people but you can encourage them to a new experience. Scrumpdillyumptious is usually used with cereal and homemade treats such as crunchy munchies but can be anyfood you want it to be. May apply to objects as well.

Crazy Cravers changes drastically when he wants his scrumpdillyumptious honeycomb cereal.

The Silly Rabbit loves his srumpdillyumptious Trix.


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