Sex Fighter

What is Sex Fighter?


a man or a woman who likes to play the sex fight game A sex fighter tries to make his/her opponent come first when he/she is fucking with her/him. If he/she does so, he/she is the winner of the sex fight game. He/she is better in bed than her/him. The loser comes first

!Sex fight has nothing to do with S/M. It's played with kisses, caresses, bites, strong prick and/or cunt pushes and a lof of dirty talking to excite your sexual opponent in order to make him/her come first. Many times the final winner comes right after his/her opponent. He/she is the winner anyway. Sex fight can be played between two persons in order to find out who is the best in bed, the horniest this time. If they have a different oppinion for something they can play sex fight, the winner decides. Yet between members of the same sex.


a male or female who has fights while having sex.

That OSMOND kid is a good sex fighter


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