Shit Pipe

What is Shit Pipe?


Referring to the anus, or "butt hole"

He was tired of the pussy, so he fucked her up the "shit pipe".

See butt hole, anus, pooper, crap hole


Little glass pipes you can make or usually buy at tobacco stores (oil burners) that you smoke crystal meth(shit, tweak) out of.

Me (To store clerk): Hey can I get an oil burner?

Clerk: Yes.. (Shows up 2 different kinds of shit pipes)

Me: Nah, let me get the skinner one please.

Clerk: Okay, that will be 5 dollars.

Me: **Thinks to self**....Fuck yah, my other pipe was all burnt and made the shit taste no bueno!

NOTE: Fuckin' stay away from the shit man, TRUST. 60% of the meth you buy on streets ain't even shit, more like toxic leftovers from the production process and crap that ameturs made and THINK is meth.

See crystal meth, tweak, glass pipe, meth, dope


shit pipe is when a woman places a drain pipe in her pussy and someone shits down it

nickl shited in his girl friends shit pipe

See shit, poo, pipe, sex, porn, ew, mad, crazy


Grant Wilkinson, e.g to take it up the anus.

I'd love to put it up her shit pipe.

I'd tear her a new shit pipe.

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