What is Syrup?


A safe Narcotic Drank(when compared too alcohol/liquor)mixed by young very intelligent individuals who need some assistance in ridding a bad cough(or just wana get their lean on). Main ingredients include: Any cough medication with Hydrocodone, Morphine, Acetamin, Opium or somthin like that and of course A sweet soda or fruity mix.

Any prescribed cough "SYRUP", can be used in mixing Houstones finest drank yet. I know this cause I've tried them all. Amongst the many fascinating "SYRUP" mentioned, Tussionex Pennkinetic, tops tha list, in ma vote. That Yella-Yella have ya itchin mane. Beside that, It'll make you fall in love...

Recommended Dosage- If u a rookie, Id start wit 2 oz. In 1 cup of ure favorite drank, preferably Big-Red Soda. Now if u an OG, like me, Drop 4 in a 20 and po' a glass wit me. Now let me finish ma drank u dumb muhfukaz.

See syrup, tussy, tussin


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