T Pain

What is T Pain?


R&B Singer from Florida. T Pain is short for Tallahasse Pain. Hes signed to Akon's Music Label, Konvict Musik.

T Pain sings "Im in love with a Stripper".

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now ubiquitous r and b singer, immediately identifiable because he sings through a vocorder. this dude was inescapable in 2007.

has never been heard talking with this device.

"buy u a drank", "bartender", "in love with a stripper", "cyclone"... how can anyone not know who t pain is ?

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Testicle pain. The pain that results from impact to testicles.

"Hey careful with those juggling balls....uurrrrrrrgggghhhhh....you just gave me t pain"

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1) A completely talentless person who is stupid enough to call himself an "R&B singer" because he sings through a vocorecorder (therefore a douchebag), also wears a stupid hat and glasses. Works with Aakon (no suprise there) and has no talent whatsoever and was made "famous" by tons and tons of tardedwangsters (mostly white) and teenage girls from Suburbia.

2) A talentless tool who completely destroyed R&B (which was basically started by decent artists like Ray Charles).

1) I was listening to T Pain the other day and I had to call the Suicide Hotline.

2)douche:"Yo, Homie-G-Funk-Fry-Skllet-Dawg!"


douche:"Yo, yo, yo, check it! I got the new T Pain Album on my IPhone!"

dude:"Great! What a total waste of resources and money!"

douche:"Huh? Big words yo! And I'm gonna go buy Solja Boy and Aakon!"

dude:"Oh great! Aakon and the Chipmonks!

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