What is Tadger?


scottish word for 'penis'

or a stupid fuck.

1. that guys a fucking tadger.

See leanne


A dick/cock/penis/willy/funstick/pork sword/magic wand

He had a tadger the size of a cat's cock

See Tracey


Sexual organ located in the lower abdominal area.

Fuck off ya bloody tadger!


A Glasgow NED term for ones penis. Also Tadge, a shortened version is used when they 'cannae be arsed' with the former because it takes longer to say it.

"Here you, away and pull yer tadger".

See tadge, glasgow, ned, tadger


a small penis. Syn: prick

Ant: throbbing python of love, heat-seeking moisture missile, third leg

How could John expect to please a woman with that tiny tadger?


what remains in the toilet after an unsuccessful flushing.

I flushed three times and there was still a tadger floating in the bowl.


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