What is Talkward?




unease over talking a lot

"i've been talking so much, i feel talkward."

See blather, talky talky, self conscious, neurosis


adj. The feeling of awkwardness that overwhelms two people when they haven't seen or heard from each other for a prolonged number of years. This excrutiatingly uncomfortable feeling is often amplified if the two people used to be great friends and chatted frequently.

Boy 1 : "...Hi!... long time no see..."

Girl 1 : "Ahaha- yeh, so what are you doing these days?"

Boy 1 : "Um... i'm still in the same business, you?"

Girl 1 : "Yeh, same case with me..."

Boy 1 : "Um... well I best be off, i've got frozen groceries in the car... "

Girl 1 : "Ok- Bye..."

Boy 2 : "Wow, I though you two were going out for a couple of years!? That convo went totally talkward..."

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