What is Tdg?


Too Damn Good.

Man, that was amazing. Just TDG.

Oh my God! That was TDG!

See Bobo


Total Damn Guy: When a person reaches the extent of damnation, he gains the status of Total Damn Guy. It is the extreme form of "Damn Guy". Damnation beyond total damn guy is not recommended, though in rare cases, individuals may reach "Consistently Total Damn Guy" status (CTDG). This applies only to individuals who have a high damnation level average over an extended period of time.

"Joe didn't come over last night, damn guy"

"Bob stole my PS3, what a TDG!"

"Jim's been annoying me over the past year! He's such a CTDG!"

See damn, guy, total, tdg, dg


That Damn Good!

Something that is really enjoyed, a food in particular.

jacob: hey levi, i heard you got subway today!

levi: Yes, I had the meatball marinara. It was TDG

See great, yummy, awesome, amazing, tasty


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