The Big House

What is The Big House?


1. Prison

2. The Nickname for Michigan Stadium, where the University of Michigan Wolverines play their home games of NCAA football. Has an "official" (although often exceeded) capacity of 107,501, making it the largest American Footballstadium in the world. At the time of this writing, U of M has won 3.5 home games for every home game that they have lost.

1. After being convicted on possession charges, homiegot sent to The Big House

2. The Big House goes absolutely nuts during home games versus Ohio State


a high-security prison. The big house also indicates the home of an Antebellum plantation owner, suggesting that prisons are a form a slavery for many innocent African Americans.

He’s doing time in the big house.


The common nickname of University of Michigan's football stadium. At one point, it was the largest football stadium in the country, however it is now the second largest due to renovations. Now, Penn State's Beaver Stadium is indefinitely the largest football stadium in America.

Fan 1: "Hey, I can't wait for the Michigan game this weekend in Ann Arbor. I love being part of the nation's largest crowd watching a football game in The Big House!"

Fan 2: "Umm, actually we won't be the largest crowd this weekend. Penn State's stadium is bigger than ours now."

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1. Prison.

2. With emphasis "big", a higher-security prison than this one.

The big house is where you go if you do time.


1. The common nickname for the football stadium of the University of Michigan.

2. Home to the modern NCAA tragedy that is known and the University of Michigan Football Program. Although the exact origins of this not-so-pitied demise are in dispute, the tragedy was made official on October 10, 2008 when U of M lost to the University of Toledo Rockets, an MAC team. Ouch.

1. "My weekend was horrible. I was surrounded by over 100,000 pompous assholes."

"Why the fuck would you go to the Big House?!?"

2. "Wow, it must've been pretty embarrassing to be a Wolverine fan in the Big House after that latest loss."

"Yeah. Who are the Rockets again?"

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The university of Michigan's field

That comeback at the Big HOuse as amazing last weekend

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