The Call

What is The Call?


A telephone call received (usually) in the small hours of the morning, usually bearing bad news about a close friend or family member -- most of the time, either they have died, are near death, and/or were involved in a terrible accident.

You better hope you never get "the call"......

See call, bad news, death, accident, phone, telephone


When you know your gonna have randy crap.

O shit, the trains gonna leave the station, this is the call, I better head to the john.


The Call usually comes around 9am on Friday, or an hour or so before your shift starts. Most commonly you get The Call when you're working for a temp agency, but sometimes with call centers. Temp agencies and call centers are notorious for firing employees with a telephone call, and they usually do it on Friday because statistics have shown that fewer people go postal when they're fired on a Friday.

"Hello, this is blah blah with blah blah staffing. We're calling to inform you that your contract with Foo Inc has been terminated. Do not return to Foo Inc, we will arrange for your posessions to be picked up at our office."


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