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Revoulutionary multi-genre band. Punk, Rockabilly, psychobilly, metal, and classic rock. The Misfits covered it all better than anyone could. Gigantic stage props, Larger than life sound, and one of the biggest stage presenses ever, a misfits concert is more than a concert, it is a show. They were pioneers and influenced greater than great bands such as metallica. thats right metallica. dont think so, well, just check out some similarities of riffs... still not enough, well did i mention that metallica covered the misfits on 3 different songs? i believe i made my point on the misfits being one of the greatest bands of all time.

The Misfits are motherfucking gods!


The Misfits were a punk rock band formed in 1977 in the town of Lodi, New Jersey and originally led by singer Glenn Danzig (born Glenn Anzalone).

Glenn was very interested in Marilyn Monroe, and took the band's name from The Misfits, Monroe's last film. The band's early lyrical and graphical focus was on retro (1930s-'50s) science fiction, horror films, and B-movies.

The early Misfits were often quite melodic, featuring Danzig's versatile singing, which had a style rooted in Italian tenors such as Mario Lanza and in 1950's doo wop. Early Misfits songs tended to have catchy, sing-along choruses backed by poorly recorded, sloppy instrumentals. The band began as a largely untrained ensemble. The song "Last Caress" (a very rare track for years) is now commonly regarded as the epitome of an early-Misfits song, with blaring instruments and Danzig's melodic vocals finding a medium between Frank Sinatra and the Sex Pistols (whose notoriously musically untalented bassist, Sid Vicious, at one point offered the rest of the band to back him as a solo artist).

By the original band's last album, Earth A.D., they had become a hardcore punk band, with Danzig's standout vocal tone floating over a torrent of thrashing guitar, bass, and drums.

It is useful to think of the early Misfits as a band of Jersey-Italians who were strangely attracted to punk due to the trends of the time, rather than as a traditional 'punk band'. While Danzig lived with his mother in Lodi and was supported by her during the band's early career, Jerry and Doyle Caiafa helped finance the band by working long shifts at the family lumber yard, later founding a knife factory in rural Vernon Township (which often employed later members such as Robo, a citizen of Colombia). The Misfits seldom mixed with other New Jersey punk bands, creating their own small scene locally, while holding early acclaim in New York and expanding it nationally, in part thanks to mailing lists and other networking, including their once-small, later-considerable 'Fiend Club' fan club.

The original Misfits broke up in 1983, having released several 7" singles and 12" records, all of which were DIY limited-edition and most of which were hand-assembled by the band, that have long been considered prime collectors' items. Epigones from Lodi, New Jersey, include the bands Mourning Noise and Rosemary's Babies, both of whom released records.

The band often wore ghoulish makeup when performing, and bassist Jerry Only invented a hairstyle called the devilock which is still worn by fans today.

woah the misfits kick major ass with we are 138 that song is soo cool.

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a very influential horror punk band started in 1977 by glenn Danzig (Alanzone). He named the Band "The Misfits" because he was fasinated with the rumors regarding marilyn monroe's death and dedicated it to her last film The Misfits. He was in other bands prior to the misfits such as Talus and Whodat and Boojang. He grabbed some of his buddies from those older bands and practiced and wrote with them for weeks. The end result was Jimmy Battle on guitar Manny Martinez on drums Diane DiPiazza on the bass and danzig singing and playing electric keyboard. In a little while Manny And Diane both quit leading Jimmy to suggest that Jerry Caiafa take over duties on bass. The trio finnally released Cough/Cool on Danzigs own BLANK RECORDS. They then played there first two shows at CBGB Bar in New York and were not welcome with there sound of Doors driven vocals and keys. Later Glenn and now Jerry Only asked manny to leave the band thinking we was to wild and unreliable and asked Mr. Jim to be on drums. The also added Frache Como on guitar. Mercury than asked Glenn to use BLANK RECORDS and glenn agreed only if they get quality studio time. They laid down seventeen tracks. The album was never released until 1995 when a cd version and a ver limited vinyl version was released, This album being STATIC AGE. they selected four tracks and they called it the bullet ep released on there own label PLAN 9 Records from the cult classic movie. Now glenn and jerry decided to aim the band more in the direction of horror punk Franche Coma and Mr. Jim decided to quit. They then brought in Bobby steele on guitar and joey image on drums. at this time Jerry invented the devilock and the whole band adopted it. They also made the logo the Crimson Ghost. They then released night of teh living dead and the horror buisness ep (very hard to find in good condtion on vinyl with haunted house insert!). People were finally intrested in teh band and they decided to make the Fiend Club which was free to join back then! The Damned asked them to go on a uk tour with tehm but the act fell through resultin in the misfits being stranded in teh uk for a while. On Dec 2 Glenn and Bobby went to a show in London where they were botherd by a few skinheads. Glenn broke a bottle to fend them off while bobby went to get help. The police found Glenn to be of offence and arrested him because he had a knife on him. While in Jail he wrote the infamous misfits song LONDON DUNGEON. After the unsucessful tour Joey Image Left the group. They then realesed the Beware EP. They took a four month break and Artur Googy joined them. Doyle, Jerrys little brother began playing guitar and replaced bobby steele who later formed the undead. The Classic misfits were now born! They Went on to released Walk Among Us in 1982 . After this googy and Glenn got in a fight and Googy left the band. Robo was then recruited. The Misfts then took a tour and they recorded EARTH AD in 1983 while DAnzig rested. Then Robo left and was replaced by Brian Damage. They played there halloween show in Detroit and then Danzig wanting to form his own band quit. After this A legal Battle followed which was setlled out of court. Jerry Only had the rights to perform and merch was split 50 50. The Misfits were reformed with Dr. Chud on Drums and Michale Graves on Vocals And doyle on guitar and Jerry on Bass. They released there first album, American Psycho in 1997. In 1998 graves took a break and Myke hideous took over vocals. With Graves back they put out in 1999 Famous Monsters. Then in 2001 they put out Cuts From The Crypt with rare unreleased tracks on it. Then Chud and Graves quit, while Doyle took a break. This ended the second era of the band. Then Jerry recruited Marky Ramone and Dez Cadena. Jerry took over vocal duties. They released project 1950 (in my opinion the shittest album ever created). Marky Left and Then Robo rejoined. They now still tour as The Misfits.

This article is ot about my opinion but if u want to no my opinion then Danzig era and early graves is the only good stuff...

The Misfits are the greatest Horror punk Band EVER!

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Best fucking band of all time. Never Really had a specific genre, its like punk, metal... its better than sex, whatever it is. Lead singer Danzigis a fucking god. He left the misfits and went solo, which really sucks. Now the new misfits are still around... i think with marky ramone? oh well, misfits, one of the best bands of all time, Danzig's solo music is different, but still awesome.


Me: You know, the Misfits inspired them.

Some Guy: WHO?!!11?/1/1?11

2. Listen to these Misfits songs:


Children in Heat


Rat Fink

Braineaters... The list goes on.

And for Danzig's solo music listen to


Snakes of Christ

Devil's Plaything...


Greates Band Ever. The oldschool misfts are the best band ever. Blending horror and Punk never sounded so good

Michael Graves the new lead singer of the misfits sucks.

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Poor Unfortunate Soul: "...What?! You mean you never told me?! No way! Why should I? You guys are, like, the Misfits! Ah, no! Stay away!"


the band that is the enemy of jem.

jem was a most awesome television show

woah - jem is excitement


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