What is The Velvet Underground?


The Velvet Underground was band formed in New York City comprised mostly of Lou Reed, John Cale, Maureen Tucker and Sterling Morrison, though the lineup changed many times in their career spaning from 1965 to 1973 (though I asure you, none of their members EVER went to join AC/DC).

The band was financially backed by Andy Warhol. The band used his facility (The Factory) to practice until after the release of their first album "The Velvet Underground & Nico", considered to be one of the most influencial rock albums of all time. The music of the band varies greatly. On the first album the lyrics were mostly the braichild of Lou Reed while the music was dominated by John Cale's influence. Reed's down to Earth lyrics which detailed events in his everyday life were backed by Cale's screeching viola and guitar riffs he seems to have written in a manner designed simply to scare the audience.

Their live shows have been described as a horrifying orgasm. Often The Velvets stood on stage with deadpan faces while Andy Warhol had actors running and interacting with the crowd. They were often lit up with a projector playing disturbing and violent images, often including acts of Sadomasochism. At many shows fans passed out or left in utter fear.

On the rest of their albums the dominate force was Lou Reed's acoustic guitar, paticularly on the album "The Velvet Underground" (not to be confused with their first album "The Velvet Underground & Nico". This new style allowed Reed to truly open his work to a new level of emotional attachment.

The band split up in 1973 before the release of their last studio album "Loaded". The cause of the split was due to the pregnancy of drummer Maureen Tucker. On the album "Loaded" a slew of people took over Tuckers post on drums.

The band reunited for a final tour in the 93 with the original lineup excluding Nico, her songs were performed by John Cale.

"The Velvet Underground formed what we know was rock and roll music."

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Do not listen to the lies one of the other commenters told you. yes, angus and malcolm young were in a band called the velvet underground, but it had no relation to the 60's punk band of the same name. though they are damn awesome

The Velvet Underground was endorsed by Andy Warhol

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The Velvet Underground proved to the world that noise can be beautiful, thus influenced Jim Morrison, Joy Division, Sonic Youth, Nirvana, The Strokes, they invented punk.

Listen to the The Velvet UndergroundĀ“s album White Light / White Heat and look at the year that was, you think that all the music sounded so at these times.

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An awesome punk band from the 60s. Somehow they just stopped writing songs. One of their guitarists, Malcom Young, however, went on to keep performing in the kick-ass band AC/DCwith his little brother, Angus Young

If I were to choose the Velvet Underground from Velvet Revolver, I'd have to go with Underground.


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