Third World

What is Third World?


Derived from a time when the communist states were referred to as the second world, the third world is the less economically developed countries that hugely rely on richer countries

The Third World is all poor because of the richer countries.

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Not being cleaned-up to interact with others. This could include recently taken a dump, not being showered, not having brushed teeth, &/or dirty home.

I'd love to have you over now, but I'm too third world.

Man, she smells third world.

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Profanity mumbled to oneself when dealing with any form of unefficiency, deception, incompetence, malfunction, desillusion, ignorance, shortage, exasperation or failure.

The inspectors knew the bridge would collapse but they did nothing. Third world.

I've been waiting in line for 6 hours to get in. Fucking third world.

You only have a dial-up connection? Are you third world fucking kidding?

That amazing giant chewbacca hologram promotion is only available in the US and Japan? Fuck three third of the world.

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a name that is used for a friend that is from a country that is not up to stardards of the western world.

buddy u have no running water? what are u, third world?

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Any country that owes rolls of money to the IMF and the World Bank.


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A term that refers to any “country” that exhibits several (if not all) of the following:

Sandy, hot, full of hate, few (if any) exploitable natural resources, massive election fraud, genocides, outbreaks of diseases you thought were eliminated through massive vaccination projects of the 1950s, and a general complete lack of any semblance of an infrastructure, dictatorships, peoples democratic republic of (insert name here)

A nation does not have to begin in the third world (ie Zimbabwe) but it will usually stay there (ie the rest of them)

the Third World breeds evil and is a drain on the rest of us


every African Nation excluding Egypt, South Africa, and possibly Tunisia

includes every South East Asian country

South America you can give or take

See un, imf, somalia


Contrary to the poison jb be preachin', many of the third world, or ledc as they are now known were not part of any european empires. Take a look at central and eastern asia, par example.

Also, the countries that were conquested were left in no worse condition than found. Full of tribal conflicts and such. Some, particularly the ones that were released early have done well.

Might also be worth reminding users that south america was once part of a poorly executed empire started by the usa a little over a century ago.

Third world countries such as south africa, the united states, canada, greenland, austrailia and nz can blame thier fortunes on Europe.

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