What is Tiffed?


in the application superheroes on facebook. when you receive enormous amounts of attacks from one person (usually Tiff) in one sitting.... 100+ pages

It is gonna take me days to get through this T-bomb. Man I was Tiffed good!

"Bizzarro-ette tiffed the crap out of Comandermeatpuppet, he was still answering the attacks 2 days later.

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To be irritated or pissed off. Similar to a tiff, which is a fight or spat between two people.

He was tiffed after he got owned in basketball yesterday.

"You're just tiffed because I got an A and you copied me and got a B"

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The act of receiving anal sex, resulting in ass-herpes. Also a person who asks close friends to have sex in front of them while they play with themselves.

"Have you heard about that chick? She got anal herpes, and asked her friends to fuck in front of her while she twiddled herself! Such a Tiff. Totally Tiffed."

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