Turkey Buzzard

What is Turkey Buzzard?


a man of a certain age, say 50, who is desirous of slightly underage girls--a heterosexual congressman foley--a vile predator of innocents.

there is a true ghost, a ghoul actually, who roams the halls and lobby of the chelsea hotel preying on women of a certain age. a disapicable predator, the likes of a certain congressman from florida, who makes sport of filing notches on his unfortunate rifle when successful, and is vicious and bitter when shunned. buyer beware: we all know picasso was a vile pig with women - as for this "artiste," all of the acidic, noxious colors of oil paint splayed in demonic imagery on canvas is no excuse for a pompous turkey buzzard in paint splattered pants.

See turkey buzzard, predator, sex offender, creep, douchebag


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