U Of D Jesuit

What is U Of D Jesuit?


A private, jesuit, college prep high school (one of few) still located in the actual city of Detroit. If you're looking for an ad of this school, check wikipedia.. if you want the real low down keep reading.

U of D draws in kids from the slums of detroit all the way to the rich kids in Grosse Pointe and Bloomfield hills, and everywhere in between.

The kids who go here can pretty much be separated into:

Rich kids: If from Bloomfield Hills, they probably go here because they dont have the humility to go to public school, (Brother rice may as well be included as a public school), want a better education than Notre Dame Prep, don't want to become a shallow (explainably) stereotyped Country day Kid, or cant afford/dont want to pay 20 grand to go to Cranbrook.

If from Grosse Pointe, they probably go to U of D because they want to go to private school, and the only other one in the area is University Liggett, which they probably don't want to pay the 20 grand tuition for either.

Middle Class Suburban kids: scarcest of the bunch. Most of the kids from these areas are either scared of the prospect of a private school in general or more specifically of Detroit in the case of U of D. Range all the way from Canton to Rochester.

Detroiters: AKA the black kids. Surprisingly, most of them arent the athletes, although a good number are, and are on scholarship. A lot of them are legit, and cool to be around then there are the fake ones from nice parts of Detroit that try to fit in and make idiots of themselves doing so. They go here because plain and simply, Detroit Public Schools are garbo.

U of D has more diversity than arguably any school in Michigan, in terms of ethnicity and culture. It hosts one of the finest educations in the state and had 8 national merit semi finalists in 2007.


The U of D student section is THE MOST spirited in the catholic league. Although the football team went 0-9 in 2007, anyone who went to the games would have seen packed bleachers filled with kids, painted chest and all, screaming and cheering for the life of them.

U of D's best sports are probably basketball, baseball, golf, hockey and the lacrosse team is showing promise.

It (speaking from experience) is the most fun I have ever had in my life. the brotherhood formed between the students is incomparable. CC and Bro Rice hate on U of D, but hey a little jealousy is understandable.

"look how close those guys are... almost like brothers"

"I think they go to U of D Jesuit"

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