What is Uat?


Short for user acceptance testing, typically the final phase in a software development process in which the software is given to the intended audience to be tested for functionality. UAT is either done by making the software available for a free trial, typically over the Internet, or by using an in-house testing panel comprised of users who would be using the product in real-world applications. UAT is done in order to get feedback from users to make any final adjustments to the programming before releasing the product to the general public.

UAT also is called beta testing, end-user testing or application testing.

After we finish UAT, we will be ready for a production release.

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A Graffiti Crew From Canada.

United Aerosol Terrorists

Guy 1: Oh, Did you see that UAT Piece down by the train tracks??

Guy 2: Yeah, It Was Dope!!

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Acronym for University of Alabama at Tuskaloosa! Used to differentiate between UAB(Birmingham) & UAH(Huntsville). pronounced U-A-T.

Do you attend UAT or UAB?


Ugly Ass Teeth

I don't like his UAT!!!

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A testing method of determining a woman's long term fat potential by observing the width of her upper arm, closest to the shoulder.

Wow, that girl's face is stunning! But she definitely fails the UAT. Kick her to the curb!

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