What is Umhum?


UMHUM: interjection- pronounced UM/HEM

1. used to express disbelief( more effective if lips are pushed out like Arnold from Different Strokes, then the sound is made with the mouth pouted ,closed, and monotone)

2.used as a sound of agreement(same closed mouth as above but the pitch slightly rises o the second syllable)

3.used to show disgust(sam mouth as above,but extremly quick puff out like a dog's sneeze)

1.Baby,stop sweat'en me! I'own kno dat red bone chickenhead!! Girl replies,(1.) "UMHUM", lemme ketch choo'ass


2.I told dat trick dat he'ain no good. Friend girl replies,"UMHUM"(2.) Gurl,you ain nevah lyed!

3. Jose!! Mira! Tu bendeho! tu sabes I gotta be da work at 5!!! C'mon man, "UMHUM"(3.) as she slams the door

See interjection, yeah, naw, disbelief


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