What is Underrated?


cooler than most people think.

people like me are underrated.


Something or someone that deserves much more respect than people will allow. See Busta Rhymes

Busta Rhymes is a very underrated rap artist.

See busta, rhymes, legend, rapper, respect


A website, film, television show, book, etc that is so good that the public barely notices how good the product really is.

The film Children of Men is so good it's just too bad nobody is talking about it which makes it underrated.

See underrated, film, television, show, website, dredg


Something that is better than most people think it is.

Final Fantasy IX is so underrated man!

See overated, final, fantasy, ix, 9


Something or someone not well known by the mass public but of high quality.

Breakdown is such an underrated game.

See overrated, unpopular, mainstream


adj. used to describe something that the speaker has only just recently started to love, especially if said something was formerly hated by the speaker.

Man, do you know what's really underrated? That Radiohead album Hail to the Theif! So underrated.

See overrated, overated, underground, underling, underwear, radiohead


to be a virgin, yet everyone knows that the virgin in question is amazing at sex

Mike: Man, did you know the Angela's a virgin?

Dave: Yeah dude, she's actually underrated

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