What is Uninstall?


When a player is so shitty at a game, usually Counter Strike, that you tell them to uninstall it.

You suck so badly, for the sake of me, you, and everyone else on this server, turn off your game, uninstall it, go back to the store, return it, and never play it again.

See noob, pwn, own, cs, css, gg


You are so bad that you cant even say gg no re. So you say uninstall. You are so bad that you should just stop doing it.

NAW NAW!!! Uninstall man

See Betty


an insult in cs where one player owns another by either knifing them or headshoting them over and over; they are told to uninstall which means to uninstall your game of counter strike and bring it back to the store becuase u suck so bad at playing. mostly said to by noobs and nooblicks

Death_is_near: uninstall joo sux joo nooblick

See take off, quit


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