What is Unplugged?


What you call a rock performance when there is no electric instruments playing.

"Unplugged in New York" is an unplugged CD by Nirvana

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(1) To be disconnected from the world of electronic gadgets.

(2) To be unreachable through electronic means and not part of the collective electronic consciousness.

(3) To be seperated from the borg-like creation of being constantly connected through digital communication tools

Unplugged for almost a week, the governor of South Carolina turned off his blackberry, shut down his computer, and went for a walk in the great outdoors.

See disconnected, blackberry, computer, electronic, cell phone


anything cool, hip, original, fascinating, or likeable. derived from guitar player lingo, a couple guys are playing, one dude loses his feed, and the other dude goes, "dude, you're unplugged." and the dude who's unplugged goes, "does that mean cool?" and the other dude goes, "sure, why not?"

"dude, that record is totally unplugged."

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