Up My Ass

What is Up My Ass?


up his ass

up her ass

meaning someone who is always on another persons case, like always together but even closer together, like 2 buddies hanging out, but one sayz y r u up my ass so much, or y r u up her ass so much...see get off my dick

invadeing one's space to much

being stuck together like glue, u might think of anal sex, but not this time...

i like being up everyones ass, but i hate when everyone is up my ass....

poparatzis r always up my ass...

my mother is always up my ass about homework...

girl: my bf is up my ass so much i bleed everytime he's up there!!!

See up my ass


A phrase used when you dont know or care where somthing is when asked.

person1-"wheres the remote?"

person2-"up my ass"

See my ass, ass, i dont know, shove it


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