What is Urban Dictionary Official Slang Name?



2.or Dickoo(for Aussies)

3.or Dicky(like in Blackoak County,Mississipi)

4.Dicks at Computown,California


1. Abwoat:

"Say cat where the fuck is the mouse? I'd like to check some adds on U-Dick"


"The shit on me if I know where is the fucking mouse. Can I have some mustard you tard'? What's that U-Dick thing you talking 'bout anyway?"


"It's the Urban Dictionary Official Slang Name coming from West Croatia you tard!"


"Say Abby, the fuck if I care 'bout those damned Croats!I am an Astro-Americanand I can shit anywhere on this planet, motherfucker!"

See cat, mouse, shit, tard, adds, fuck


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