What is Urbanism?


The Religion based on the Holy book of the Urban Dictionary

Religious followers take pride in saving sad delinquents of humanoids and giving them a spiritual insight into the world of Urban

Pilgrims often travel slangdefine to add definitions to a variety of objects while also confirming syndromes they thought no-one else had (such as Syndrome Syndrome, where Doctors can't stop making up syndromes and disorders to diagnose people with.

Sad delinquent of humanoids: i'm so sad

Urbanist: Hey, join Urbanism, we'll set you straight in no time!

Sad delinquent of humanoids: Wow, i didn't know anyone else had Dog syndrome... I'm a re-born Urbanist!

See urbanism, urbanist, syndrome, saviour




1. Any word found in the Urban Dictionary

2. A commonly used word not found in any conventional dictionary

exaples are: asshat, swass, and milf.

Antonym: websterism

1. He's throwing so many urbanisms around, I have no idea what he's saying.

2. Bagmo is my favorite urbanism.


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