Vanilla Sky

What is Vanilla Sky?


Code for having sex.

Dude: Hey baby you wanna watch Vanilla Sky tomorrow night say around 10.

Girl: Oh yeah. Good thing I took the pill this morning

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A really good movie starring Tom Cruise. It gets confusing a little bit but the climax is amazing.

Let's watch Vanilla Sky.


An italian pop punk band originating from Rome, Italy. They formed in 2002 and are currently still together. The members include Vincenzo Mario Cristi(Vocals, guitars), Luca Alessandrelli(Drums), Francesco Sarsano(Bass), and Daniele Brian Autore(Vocals, guitar).

They are well known for their cover of the song "Umbrella", originally by Rihanna.

A band worth looking in to.

Boy: Hey, Have you listened to Vanilla Sky? They're pretty good.

Girl: No I haven't, but I guess I'll check them out. They sound okay.

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Originates from the movie Vanilla Sky. When your f-ing a chick and you confuse her with another girl, but continue to have sex with her (usually even harder).

I pulled a Vanilla Sky last night; I was having sex with Racheal, but then I thought it was Lindsay, so I used the moves I that pleasures Lindsay. It gave Racheal a triple orgasm.


a white sky

i looked up at the sky and a bird poo went in my eye and i say @#$@#$!. screw this @#$#@ vanilla sky



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