What is Vd?


1. Venereal Disease

2. Vaginal Discharge

3. Violent Delight (band)

1. He got VD

2. Urgh! You just VD'd in my face


Indeed, VD does mean venereal disease. There was a big deal about it in World War II, I think.

Bill: Does VD mean very dumb?

Fill: No it means venereal disease. There was a big deal about it in World War II, I think


Means venereal disease.

"I have what's known as a venereal disease (VD)."

"How'd you get it?"

"From fuckin'."

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Something that Bishops and Generals catch from public toilet seats.

The rest of us can catch it from fucking prostitutes.

Don't fuck her, she's probably got vd.

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Short for Valentine's Day. Usually sent to your sweetheart that you have had sexual intercourse with.

"Happy VD, I hope you didnt get it from me."

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its a std, thats it

that biatch has vd

See Bill


Verbal Diarrhea -- When someone rambles on and on.

Kind of like when you have the runs and poo out tons. Except in this case, you have tons of words that come out from your mouth.

Jenny has VD. She wrote a 200 page essay on why Canada is better than the States.

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