What is Venice?


one of the most peculiar and extravagant city of italy. it is particularly known for high tide, merchants and prostitution.

"Can I park in S. Marco Square?"

"No, You can't! Only sodding Americans think so"

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noun. Beach town in CA next to Santa Monica. Known for gangs, artists, and homeless.


Located in LA, the Venice boardwalk is either:

a) A tourist type attraction where hopless people from Idaho travel around in fanny packs snapping pictures of degenrate hobos, artists, and muscle men

b) Where locals like myself go to get the best 1 dollar pizza and high quality- bongs.

Scene 1:

Tourist Hilbilly: Aww look at that there hobo feller. Give him a dollar for his troubles

Me: That hobo wants crack peaseant, not your cheap ass dollars.

Scene 2:

Me: Wanna go down to Venice in between class and get some 1 dollar pizza?

My Friend: Yeah...but lets look at the bongs too.

Me: That goes with out saying.

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Beach town between Marina del Rey and Santa Monica known for homelessness, teen runaways, drug dealers, hookers, junkies,gang members (most of whom nowadays are wanna bes), tourists and wealthy yuppies who are well in the process of completely taking over thanks to gentrification. The home of some great rock bands in the past like Jane's Addictionand the Doorsas well as the shittiest band of all time Suicidal Tendencies

the real Venice died years ago, it's become a yuppie tourist trap

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The Venice on Florida's gulf coast is an ultra quiet community where the large majority of people are retired. A great place to just relax, knowing that you can leave a bike on your front lawn seconds from the beach and not have it stolen. It's the stereotype of Florida.

Its has italianate architecture and there are indeed numerous canals in the subdivisions. There are galleries downtown, but they are hardly iconoclastic. Everything is clean and orderly, brought back to a messy reality if only by the couple of poor houses by I-75 and the fact that the 9/11 terrorists learned to fly planes here.

For a faster pace seek Sarasota.

"One day when I will be too old for spring break, I'll spend my 7 days of vacation in Venice. I want to retire there"

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A town in West Central Florida. It is a very artsy town, with lots of old retired people living in it. The retirees think they've lived here all their life, so they think they have to complain to the city council when a bulding is too high, or some "young folks" are out skateboarding. They generally drive like shit and think they have the rights to everything, whether it be a good parking spot at Publix or right of way on the roads. Venice has a small airport also.

The old people complained to the city council that the proposed 2 story building was two and a half inches above the height maximum.


A really hot girl that like to have sex with anyone.

she can also help you perfrom Sexual intercorse and help you learn how to kiss.

Guy 1:"Hey man have you been laid yet"

Guy 2:"No"

Guy 1:"You should go talk to Venice, she can hook you up"

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