What is Venom?


A completely badass marvel hero/villan depending on how you look at it. has some weird ass symbiot suit thats all black with the exception of a spider design on his chest and back.

Venom is going to be in spiderman 3 and I hope he fucks spiderman up.

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An early black metal band. Said to have created the genre, inspired Kirk Hammet, Dave Mustaine and other kick ass Metal Guitarists.

Venom totaly Kicks ass!


Hailing from Newcastle, UK, Venom were (probably) the first black metalband (they did coin the term), which is proof that on the whole, us Brits/North Europeans created metal that is far superior to the majority of what comes out of the US (with the exception of Death, maybe)

Venom are better than you.


Early speed metal that influenced extreme metal as a whole, not just black metal. Venom didn't play black metal, they just coined the term.

Venom is just a satanic Motorhead.

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A variation of the Spiderman sex act. Doing a girl from behind, you finish in your hand, while spitting on her back to allude to being done. When she turns around, the difference is made by rubbing the handfull of semen into her eyes, rather then throwing it in as per the Spiderman.

Tom is a bad man, and he gives his lady friend the Venom, not the Spiderman.

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One of Spider-Man's enemies. Venom's real name is Eddie Brock. He has teamed up with Spider-Man from time to time, and is displayed as a tragic hero much of the time, trying to save innocents but killing the criminals who have caused them harm. He is a large, black-suited creature with sharp teeth and a long tongue, large white eyes, and a white spider emblem on his chest and back.

The Venom in Spider-Man 3, who was purple and the same size as Spider-Man, was a pitiful fucking excuse for Venom.

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Street name for pure THC (delta-9 tetrahydrocannibinol) that has been extracted from marijuana, sold in mL. The name venom comes from the fact that some snake venom is black and THC is black, it also has a bitter taste. Some know it as "hash oil".

My definition of venom did not come to be because of Spiderman's costume!

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