What is Viffer?


Abbreviaton of V.F.R. - Honda's wonderful V-four crotch-rocket. A good combination of sports bike and tourer.

Even though it has an engine half the size of a hog, that Viffer still whipped that Harleyin the Traffic Light Grand-Prix.

See Stu


What punks call the best all-purpose bike ever made. Likely because the brevity of the acronym V.F.R. doesn't seem stylish enough to keep up with the tingly feeling this profound machine leaves within their inexperienced loins.

Note: These are the same squids that refer to their girlfriends as bitches, and drink urine flavored beer.

"Dude... my viffer rocks, cuz my bitch likes to ride on back in her miniskirt. Hey you wana go get some urine flavored beer?"


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