What is Violate?


To disregard someones rules or principles

Ho dont violate me!(Three 6 mafia)

See break, offend, rape


A joke-form of a serious matter of sexual intercourse.

Violate = Two in the pink, one in the stink.

See violate, violated, violator, violation, pink, stink


violate vahy-uh-leyt ~verb

1. When a ho, bitch, or whore tries invade your privacy and talk back to you when she is not called upon. Usually, this word is used by a man of high authority amongst his community, further exemplifying the words powerful meaning. There is no other word that says what "violate" says better. It is used in pop culture today thanks to hip-hop songs like "Don't Violate" by Three Six Mafia.

"Put your foot up they ass

Put your foot up they ass

And tell that hoe

Don't violate me hoe, don't violate

Don't violate me hoe, don't violate" - Three Six Mafia

See front, bitch out, piss off, pimp, hoe, talk, step, interpret


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