W00t W00t

What is W00t W00t?


An expression of celebration or joy

" I blow his fucking head open! w00t w00t!"

See Patrick


a "l33t" term meaning Yay!

w00t! i just got a million bucks!


An expression of celebration or happiness

OMFG 10 Headshots in a row!! w00t w00t!!

See neb


A computer geek/nerds way of celebrating or showing that they are having a fun time.

I just leveled up my dwarf rogue to level 2.0!!!! w00t w00t!!!

See hooray, woohoo, yesss


TWO words to express feeling joy and excitement

w00t w00t im so much better than you!

See Kt


A pain in the ass Yankee fanboy on gamefaqs that only comes around when the Yankees win, and somehow "magically" dissapears if they are sucking.

Hey the Yankees just got swept by the Red Sox, where is w00t w00t now?


A Yankees fanboy and bandwagonner that is so starved for attention that he doesn't care that even Yankees fans want him to shut up.

w00t w00t: OMG the Yankees are teh greatest team ever and Boston is a bunch of whiny crybabies who can't win a world series! Who's your daddy?

Yankees Fan: You make me ashamed to be a fan of the Yankees

See Jeff


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