What is Zena?


a very beautiful cool nice can be "organ like" LOL amazing person who loves all but stuck up assholes especially people named Zach

wow she such a Zena

See beautiful, nice, cool, sexy, yee


A bitch that looks like she got electricuted or on crack 24/7.Eyeballs that'll make u have nightmares cuz they so damn big!lol

Second Def: A manly looking bitch.....

EX:" Damn that bitch was looking mighty zenafied!"

or "Damn is that a man or a woman it looks like a Zena!"

See zena, cracked out, excited, ugly


someone who i luv enough 2 do!!!!


i Wanna do Zena up the bumm!!!


I m finna fuck up who ever wrote this

Josh i m finna fuck you up

See Zena


a flat piece of shit that has a loser boy friend with a huge nose also shes a ho

zena u ho ass ho

See j man


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