What is Ziggurat?


"Ziggurat" is used as a code word for expressing discomfort, awkwardness or embarrassment. It developed as a text-messaging term but it can be used in oral conversation as well. Other forms of the word, such as "ziggurating" or "zigguraty," are becoming increasingly popular.


Eleanor: Hows the date going?

Samantha: ZIGGURAT!


Samantha: Oh my god, I can't believe you actually frenooblited during the art history exam!

Eleanor: I know, it was so ziggurating. I freaked out and then I totally blanked on the name of those Assyrian pyramid-like temples!

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something that sumerians used to make theri sacrifices

See Stuart


a pyramid shaped monument

aka my boyfriend Josh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

josh is a ziggurat

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The stupid, crappy and fat son of Mai.

Father unknown.

Serves no real purpose other then to occupy space in the universe.



mistakingly thought of as an ancient sumerian temple... really a rodent, with the first name of zigg. afraid of penguins and best friends with a giraffe.

that is one stealthy ziggurat.


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