What is Zim?


The main character from the cartoon series "Invader Zim" a.k.a. the best cartoon ever.



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Sent to Earth by the Almighty Tallestto conquer and destroy. He is "assisted" by his robot slave GIRand is annoyed by the earth boy Dib. Zim is unnecessarily loud all the time, but is extremely funny in his ever-failing attempts to destroy all human life.

Zim-"MY TALLEST! MY TALLEST! MY TALLEST!(repeated repeatedly)"


Almighty Tallest Red-"I was curious to see when you would shut up on your own. But it's been THREE hours, Zim! THREE HOURS!!!"

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adj. ridiculously grandiose and complex, doomed to failure, yet undeniably hillarious, usu. said of plans for world domination and the like

I'm all for getting revenge, but getting atomic cesium sounds a little zim.


Star of the hit 'kids' show " Invader Zim." An ex-Urkan soldier who was sent to Earthby the Tallest, where he goes to Elementary School in order to try and learn what is needed to take over the planet.

you will rue the day you crossed paths with..ZIM!

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sexy studmuffin who always kicks butt in a ghetto way.

im so zim

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see zimala a silly kind of ditzy,absent minded person.

a zim would take his wet laundry out of the washer, fold it, and then put it in the dryer

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Someone who is that incredible that his name is actually a verb. "Zim'd"

Man 1: did you see that, he got Zim'd bad!

Man 2: yeh, wish i was as good as Zim.

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