What is Zoloft?


An anti-depressent used to treat anxiety/depression and the like.

"Don't forget to take your zoloft!"

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one drug in the ssri (selective serotonin re-uptake inhibitor) family of antidepressents. others include paxil, effexor, prozac, luvox, etc.

ssri's have *supposedly* been linked to suicides in teens. but i'm still alive and not feeling remotely depressed. though i think that therapy is working better than zoloft.

any side effects are usually gastrointestinal (i.e., throwing up, hershey squirts, etc.). but that is rare.

the emblem of zoloft is a little emotional hard-boiled egg that hops around chasing butterflies when he's happy. my friends insist he's just a ball, but i ask you, have you ever seen an oval ball?

the lil zoloft egg was depressed before he took zoloft, but now he likes chasing butterflies.


Sertraline hydrochloride; used to treat depression, panic disorder, bipolar disorder, ect, by stablizing a person's levels of serotonin. Most people gain weight when they have been on this drug.

Zoloft can help many people out of a rut.

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a shitty exvuse for an anti-depressent that makes you fat.

look at the beach whale over there, she must have fucking snorted her whole damn bottle of ZOLOFT.


A medicine used to treat insanity...the following quote was said by Mike Tyson in an interview on ABC TV...

"That Zoloft stuff right? I take that to keep me from killin y'all."

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