What is Zx3?


The shittiest type of Focus that Ford makes, coincedentally making it one of the shittiest cars on the road. Usually owned by balding middleaged men that haven't gotten laid in years, but can also be owned by jackass highschool students that tend to not know a damn thing about automobiles, and rice the hell out of the car similar to that of a Honda Civic.

Usually characterized by more stickers than seconds it runs on a quarter mile, shitty vibrant colors (such as piss yellow), an overkill sound system that does nothing but blare shitty gangsta rap all the time (especailly if the driver is a white middle class male), and a fart can exhaust to top it all off.

"Look at that bitch in the ZX3, I bet he thinks he's pushing horse. Here, let's get in my stock Maxima and blow it's fucking doors off. Hell, I'll even go off the line in second gear."

See focus, ford, zx3, rice


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