Yeah Buddy

What is Yeah Buddy?


A term used when 2 or more parties of either sex share a positive opinion.

This is some damn good pie.

Yeah buddy!

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Catch phrase sure to be used for the summer of '09. Dervived from the 1st line from the song " Ice Cream Paint Job" by O.J. Da Juiceman.

"Yeah buddy, rollin' like a big shot. Chevytuned up like a NASCARpitstop"

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Yeah Buddy is derived from Yeah Guy. (e.g. sure, whatever you say, not buyin' it). Yeah Buddy on the other-hand is an expression of excitement. Very poistive. (e.g. someone calls, you know your heading out on a Friday night, vibes are good - "Y e a hhhh, Buddy". Here, the Yeah is dragged out some with the "buddy" portion being quick and to-the-point.

Hey, you lookin' to mack some poW up north this weekend-"Yeah buddy".

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when a male sees a very attractive female. usually called out in earshot of the female, but the female is to astonished to realize what just happened. she got yeah buddyed!

"dude 12 o' clock"

"yeah buddy, you got some fine legs"

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