Zdeno Chara

What is Zdeno Chara?


Defenseman for the Boston Bruins. 6 foot 9 and rude as hell. Total badass. Can shut down any team's top line by himself. May or may not be a shaved ape on skates and may or may not have spent the summer in a Georgia man's freezer.

Who is that giant of a man?

Why that's Zdeno Chara, he's Slovakian.

Oh, really, I thought we came to the rink on the wrong day and the circus moved in.

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Star defenseman on the Boston Bruins hockey team. He's 6'9 and over 225lbs. He's got a slap shot that goes 105.9 MPH. He's the biggest, meanest guy in the NHL and his main purpose on the Bruins is to hit, fight and make guys cry. Seriously, in a fight once, he broke a guys jaw in one punch.

Hockey player 1: Shit, who's that guy?

Hockey player 2: That's Zdeno Chara.

Hockey player 1: Why is he the captain?

Hockey player 2: Because he ate the old captain.

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