What is Zeeb?


A total dorkwith geeklike attributes.

You are such a zeeb.


A total and complete loser. One unable to do cool things like spend the night in a haunted house.

Hey Amanda Lehr, I bet you won't spend the night in that haunted house. You are such ZEEB!

See nerd, loser, dork, dweeb, zoid


a party like animal.

You are such a zeeb!


One who parties in extreme measures; Life of the party. Completly insane!

I'm going to party like a zeeb!


To do things backwards, in a reverse order. Comes from a word that you say if you try to talk backwards.

"He zeebed into me into the parking lot"


further slang for a personnaly rolled cigarette containing marijuana. often smoked by pissed off teenagers tired with the same old shit "school" and "the government" continually feed them.

two's on that zeeb man


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