What is Zeplain?


verb. of Jewish origin - the act of ordering a female numerous shots - preferably jaeger or rumplemintz - at a bar, while motioning with two fingers (the index and middle fingers) in a sweeping, downward motion.

Inviting an intoxicated female to a late night party at your place, which likely isn't happening at all. Instead, as the female begins to leave, you turn on the dvd player and on comes Shrek 2. An intense make-out session usually ensues as "Absolutely In Love" (as performed by Counting Crows) begins to play (near the beginning of the movie).

If said make-out session is teetering out, not progressing around the base path, you may claim the female has "square nipples." After she vehemently denies the accusation, you tell her to prove it, and she promptly takes off her shirt.

You are golden.

That girl, Lauren, at the bar wasn't feeling me until I zeplained her, then she was all over me. Shots!

Jackie was looking for a late night last weekend but nothing was going on. So I zeplained her into coming back to my place, and we watched some Shrek 2 and things got heated!

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