What is Zhiggy?


(1) Most commonly experienced by overly intoxicated individuals who have had all the opportunity in the world to use the lavatory before calling it a night, but have not done so...the end result?...wetting the bed in your sleep while inebriated...often done with little or no recollection at all...

(2) Involves an individual waking up in a cesspool of his/her own urine after a night of heavy alcohol consumption...

Fellow 1 : "so..uhh...u did hear about Mike last night?"

Fellow 2 : "nooo...why?...what happened?"

Fellow 1 : "he did it again"

Fellow 2 : "what's that?..what did he do?"

Fellow 1 : "..uhh...you know...'IT'.."

Fellow 2 : "no wayyyy!!..are you serious? u mean to say that he went zhiggy again?"

Fellow 1 : "yup...tragic"

See bedwetting


urinating on yourself while in a drunken state

mike was zhiggy again last night...thats twice now!!!

See pissy, depends


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