What is Zip-rig?


1.Derived from zipper-head, a derogatory word for Asians, alternatively zip, as in fast, and the word rig. When used can describe any person or persons who uses any type of fast temporary fix as a long term solution despite having the knowledge and resources to do a better job. Can also be used as another term for half-assing.

2. Can also be used in reference to one's poor workmanship being attributed to drug use.

3. A poorly hopped up import car despite having the resources and knowledge to do quality work to it. Usually driven by a FOBstaand not a Ricer as Ricers lack any knowlege. Neither should ever be mistaken to be the same thing though one can be the other.

Used pejoratively towards Asians but can be applied to anyone.

1. Those FOBszip-rig everything.

2. Dude, are you high? Because this shit totally looks zip-rigged.

3. His Honda is a total zip-rig.

He drives a zip-rig.

See nig-rig, asian, oriental, asians, fob, f.o.b., zipper head


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